Hip Success Stories

The purpose of this note is to express my thanks for a job well done by Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for their assistance in enabling me to fully recover from my total hip replacement. For the past several years, I have been bothered by stiffness, pain, and much difficulty in performing daily tasks. I eventually had great difficulty walking so I had hip replacement surgery in September 2006. My surgeon prescribed 6 weeks of rehab.

Prior to surgery I was working out fairly regularly at Family Fitness Center (now CORE fitness) in Shrewsbury and heard from a friend that Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was good. So I decided to sign up with them for rehab; and I wasn’t sorry. I was very impressed with the staff- their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine caring attitude. Further, they knew what they were doing and recommended the right amount of therapy that alleviated the pain to facilitate easy movement. They were not hesitant to push the “envelope” if they felt that more exercise and therapy was possible particularly when I was eager to do more. Their efforts substantially led to my full successful recovery.

I believe the staff to be “top notch” and I would not hesitate to use their services again or to recommend you to others. Keep up the good work and thank you again Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for a job well done!

Les F.

Before I had physical therapy with Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury I didn’t know if I could bowl again. Now, after surgery for a total hip replacement and the exercises and care I received, I’m almost at my same scores.

Joyce M.

Before I first came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, my left hip was causing intermittent pain- especially at night when I lay down. I lost a lot of sleep. After my sessions at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I am happy to say sleeping is no longer a problem. I even forget about my hip.

My physical therapy sessions were packed with exercises designed especially for my hip- no time wasted. The manual therapy was especially soothing. The staff was efficient, professional, and knew their stuff. Always a nice atmosphere with respect for privacy. Thank you all!

Ellen D.

My visits at the Shrewsbury site have been a wonderful experience. They are very professional, after a long period of therapy everything has improved greatly. I owe it to the therapists. Thank you so much.

John B.

I want to say thank you to all at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I had to have muscle repair surgery on my left hip in June 2010. Prior to the surgery I was unable to walk without the use of crutches. Since coming to PT here between the ease into exercises and the manual manipulation, I have been able to resume my old active life. The exercises were customized for my issues and easy to continue at home. I started here with 40 appointments and have graduated in about 20. Again, thanks to all.

Tina C.

When I first came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I was in severe pain with my hip and had pain radiating all the way down into my right foot. I was unable to exercise or even walk without pain. I had trouble sleeping and was in a lot of pain when at work due to the nature of my job. The therapists and assistants were awesome, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Through the exercises, stretching, ultrasound, and electric stim treatments I finished my treatment with no more pain or restrictions in activities that I had prior to coming here. I would like to thank everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for providing a worth while, successful, and enjoyable experience.

Garry B.

I had a very good deal of exercises that made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed working with the people at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I know I am leaving in a lot better shape than when I came here.

Edward A.

When I first came in for therapy both of my hips were extremely tight and sore and the pain ran down the entire outside of both legs. The outside of both knees were also extremely tight and sore. I was in pain everyday. Therapy has loosened up the tightness and taken away most of the pain. I’d like to thank everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for all their help.

Matt C.

Knee and hip pain made all movement very uncomfortable, preventing my enjoyment of hobbies, exercise and seriously limiting most activities of daily living. As a patient of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I experienced therapeutic massage and treatments to relieve pain and exercises to build strength and stamina.

Staff provided education and encouragement in a professional and caring manner. Pain relief and condition improvement was noticeable within the first few visits. I am pain free and able to return to my normal activity. Thank you!

Betty S.

Came here to take care of muscle strain from over training. I like to run a lot and I had to stop due to hip pain. I learned about why it was occurring and tools to fix it. While I’m still not able to run as much as I’d like, I am up to 45 miles per week and no longer feel like I’m getting worse, I’m getting better. Using the techniques I have learned here, I’m confident that ill be back soon and better able to prevent this from happening again. The therapists here really work as a team and each contributes in valuable ways to help patients improve quickly. Thanks.

Heather K.

To all at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and appreciation of the wonderful treatment both physical and psychological that I received from all of your group. I came three months after hip replacement fearful of dislocation and generally in weakened condition. My main treatment came from Joe Madgis, a very accomplished therapist who gave much support and encouragement along with PT treatment. I am now walking two miles a day, doing yoga, and feeling fine. I have had physical therapy prior to this course of treatment but nothing of this caliber. Thank you all and best of luck.

Elaine F.

I had significant pain in my leg with issues with my groin muscle and hip flexor. Alicia was terrific! They were always professional and I enjoyed the light hearted, but professional environment. Although it took time, I now feel much better and can do things that I couldn’t do with the injury. Thanks to all- you’re the best!

John M.

I was referred to the Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC Department by my doctor from the Sports Medicine Department at UMass Medical Center. I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis Trochanteris Bursitis, and ITB friction. The pain was bad to the point that I had trouble going up and down stairs.

I was in training for my first 1/2 marathon on February 27th. I stopped running for 12 days. Two weeks before the race. I thought that I would never be a runner, and never mind being ready to run this marathon. Tara (Tara Joseph, BS, DPT) took me and encouraged me from the beginning, and she also told me that she would be there and we could cheer for each other.

Joe (Joseph Magdis, CSCS) was incredible! He had a lot of patience, and taught me the proper ways to stretch, how to align myself, and even counseled me on proper nutrition. He gave me a lot of encouraging words, and believed that I would do great. Joe answered all my questions, and also kept giving me motivation. On February 27th, I completed my first 1/2 marathon in 2.323 hours. Had it not been for your great team of therapists, it would not have been possible.

Thanks to the whole team of Therapists for your encouragement and support. You guys are the Best!

Ivette O.

The surgeon handed me off to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and expected them to provide the guidance and exercises necessary to strengthen me to the point that I would be able to return to work. Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC succeeded on all counts. My range of motion and strength are better than 80%. 8 weeks after replacing my right hip I am able to climb stairs 2 at a time, walk 5 miles, ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes at 16mph. It does help to only be 58 years old but having a good set of exercise to do at home for 4 weeks was a tremendous help. Kudos to Tarah, Deb, and Cindy for their attention to detail and firm guidance.

Craig M.

Started with pain and stiffness in my right hip and down my right leg. 2 ½ months later I have a lot more and easy movement in the hip. Manual therapy helped a lot. The pain still comes and goes down my leg especially when I lie down- try to sleep. I have much more mobility since starting PT, the pain still bothers me. I definitely like the way the therapy moves smoothly among therapists. If feels like a continuous flow- in other words, each treatment builds on the previous regardless of who its with. Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is a very happy environment.

Elaine S.

Since my Dr. (Dr. Puglisa) recommended I go to PT for my hips (bursitis). I feel some relief the pain is not as bad. Although my primary care recommended trying Tylenol for arthritis and to discontinue for now my cholesterol pills it is even much more better. What felt the best for my hip was the ultra sound, massage and the estim. I’ve been up and down stairs, little walking with no pain. To all the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, Thank you for all your hard work in getting me somewhat better.

Diane R.

I was referred here due to arthritis in my hips. I was experiencing more and more pain when rising from a seated position and also when skating. Due to many diverse stretches and exercises on muscles from my lower legs all the way up to my neck, I am starting to feel more mobility and less pain in my hips, back, and neck. I now have many exercises and stretches I can now do at home to maintain mobility and reduce pain. All the PT’s here really know their stuff. Thanks much!

Bruce D.

Following total hip replacement (right side), I was in occasional pain, extremely stiff, very limited range of motion, and great difficulty doing even routine things at home- putting on shoes and socks. After brief counseling at home, (4 weeks), I began outpatient physical therapy at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC Shrewsbury. What a truly positive and regenerating experience! They have a well trained dedicated staff whose obvious mission in practice and intent is patient care and rehab. The staff knows their business and they truly care about their patients and progress. The physical therapists are experts, they know each patients level of progress and tolerance and they adjust each program to meet patients levels. They are extremely helpful and congenial yet completely professional in every action. Scheduling appointments was very easy, the receptionist is great and understanding of schedules and finds a way to meet each patient’s schedule. My progress has been remarkable based on the dedication and the program designed for me. Its difficult for me to imagine any other facility and staff as dedicated and professional as Greendale Shrewsbury. I am able to do nearly everything I was able to do pre-hip issues. I am back to working out in the gym and 4-6 weeks ahead of where my surgeon predicted I would be. Upon discharge the staff gave me a few exercises and suggestions for life long maintenance. Working with this team was worth every second- its like working with a personal trainer. I give them all an A+!

Robin L.

Prior to my PT I was having pain in my hip, bad enough that I was having difficulty sleeping. This had been going on for one year. I’m an avid cyclist, typically riding 100-200 miles per week. In addition I x-country and telemark ski in the winter, as well as play racquetball and volleyball. All of these activities were being curtailed, and I was concerned I would have to stop completely. This last week, I rode for a total of 150+ miles, and played racquet ball. All without discomfort. Thank you!

Chris B.

When I was diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis of the hips I knew I wanted a few sessions of Physical therapy. Mainly to learn stretches and what to do to keep its progression at bay and especially what not to do to make it worse. Pain and flexibility were and still are minimal but I’ve learned and practiced the stretches and have noticed less discomfort and better flexibility. I will take what I have learned and continue it at home and at the gym/yoga classes. Hopefully arthritis progression will be slow and I will be active for a long time. If not, I know where to come. As always, your help and guidance is appreciated. Thanks to everyone!

Susan P.

Coming to PT every week helped my ankle and hip very much. Before PT I couldn’t do very much in dance and my hip and ankle were sore. Now after dance it doesn’t hurt at all. If it does, I know my exercises to help it. I enjoyed the foam roller for my hip. I feel like the therapists here become close to everyone they work with. They got to know my favorite color.

Erin B.

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