Knee Success Stories

I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC because of chronic pain in my knees due to degenerative joint disease. I had joined a gym and used a personal trainer in an attempt to improve my overall strength. Unfortunately every time I used the equipment I strained my knees or back.

The staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC taught me how to modify the exercises so I could increase strength and stamina without hurting my knees further. The educational aspect was as important to me as the actual physical therapy. I feel I can work out on my own now to keep improving.

Linda H.

I am writing to thank you all for your help in my recovery. About October of 2006, I had a problem with my left knee; the knee started hurting from exercise and not doing the proper exercises that I should have kept up from my physical therapy. I went to see another doctor who recommended that I have an MRI, so I did and surgery was recommended. I got another opinion from a doctor at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston who also recommended an MRI and physical therapy. I saw Jon and he helped me with simple exercises that brought my knee back to normal. The therapy was good and very helpful. The staff was excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.


Thank you for providing me with expert care and treatment for my knee injury. I will recommend this facility to anyone in need of therapy.

Marilynne S.

On December 8, 2009 I had a knee replacement. On January 18, 2010 I started therapy at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC where I found the staff highly qualified and dedicated. I had pain in the muscles at the back of the left knee and on my last visit I had very little pain. I found everyone to be very professional.

I would definitely recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone in need of therapy. I also found Cindy the secretary most accommodating. I thank you all!

Dolores H.

The staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was extremely friendly, accommodating and very professional. They met and exceeding all my needs and requests. They were excellent in listening to my concerns at every visit. I appreciate and truly enjoy my time here even due to it because of a torn MCL. Thank you to all of the staff.


I am very happy to write this letter with much gratitude to all the people at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I was injured playing soccer after my surgery late in December 2009. The doctor advised me to have PT at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

Since then, 6 months have passed, with constant care and encouragement from the highly qualified staff. I am back to doing the things I love doing most. I highly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for your physical therapy needs.

Salar K.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. Before beginning therapy, I was discouraged and my pain prevented me from walking around for more than 15 minutes at a time. With your help, I have been able to move around the whole day without discomfort. Above all, I feel encouraged that with time, patients and dedication, I will be able to resume my normal level of activity and compete in diving during my senior year of college.

I have done physical therapy at other locations, however, I have never felt as comfortable or enthusiastic about my therapy as I have at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. The staff is wonderful and truly take an interest in your well being. I particularly loved the manual therapy and stim. I will miss seeing them, thank you once again!

Kara L.

In June, I was injured in a fire, I am a firefighter. I tore my meniscus and had surgery in the end of June. I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC when I just got off crutches. They taught me exercises and worked me back to shape. The ulstrasound and stim they used along with stretches and exercises were great.

Thanks to all of you who made me feel welcome. I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone who asks.

Rob B.

My name is Kayla and at age 12 I suffered from a popping knee cap. I did gymnastics and landed wrong popping it out. I let it sit by not going to a doctor allowing swelling to build. I popped it out 4 times again after. I could not run, do sports, walk easily up and down stairs. I joined Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. The staff was really nice. They took an evaluation of my knee and immediately set me up with some exercises. Being a nerd buried in school work they adjusted the exercises and told me what the most important ones were. I really liked the bike, total gym, and the massage! Now, I am playing softball and am not using the brace to do household and school activities. They may give you lots of exercises, but do them and it will pay off!


I saw improvement with every visit, all my questions were answered to my satisfaction, very competent and friendly staff. A+ all around.

Bruce W.

I would like to thank everyone here at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury. I arrived here in Jan. 2010 after tearing my ACL playing basketball. The staff was excellent and kept me motivated even when I was depressed because I wasn’t able to play basketball. In the beginning I was in a lot of pain, I wasn’t able to do much of anything. I am now able to bike ride, run, and do things I wasn’t able to do. I haven’t played basketball yet but hopefully I will be able to soon. I enjoyed both the manual and the physical part of physical therapy and I want to thank the staff for getting me back to where I would like to be. You ladies are the greatest, keep up the good work. You’re my friend forever, and Cindy you’re the best!

I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone looking for a physical therapy center to attend.

Thomas H.

To all, the only thing that surpasses the care and treatment at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is the staff. Kind, caring, and most important knowledgeable! They have taken the additional time to assure that I had the tools I needed to achieve success. The atmosphere is conducive to healing because of all the positive energy, from the upbeat front desk Cindy to the amazing Alicia and the leader of the pack. Thanks to all!

Maureen S.

I wanted to thank the entire staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for their care and attention they gave during my recovery from knee surgery. The entire course of strength building exercises they put me through was more than I had expected. The improvements in stability, strength, and flexibility increased dramatically as my 14 weeks of therapy wound down. After going to several different companies in the past for my neck, elbow, ankle and 2 other knee surgeries I had, I would rank Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC as the best. Some of my recoveries would have been much faster had I been put through the some of the routines they were putting other through who had similar injuries to some of mine in the past. The exercise and stretching routine they gave me to do at home between visits brought daily improvement. It was nice to be in a facility with the positive attitudes they have and encouraging atmosphere they create.

Dan S.

I have Patello Femoral Syndrome and was treated at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I am 13 years old and love the sport soccer. I play soccer in the fall, winter and spring. Prior to physical therapy for the last two years I have only been playing in the winter. When I did play soccer after every game I could barely walk especially up stairs and had extreme pain. I loved Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, everyone was so nice and did everything they could to help me. My favorite part was the manual work, and the massaging! At first it was very painful. My knee had extreme pain to the slightest tough. I am excited to play in the next session of soccer. Thank you to everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for helping me.

Mikayla H.

I have been to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC 3 times in the past few years; first for migraine headaches, second for plantar fasciitis, and most recently for patella femoral syndrome. Suffice to say, I can be considered a “frequent flyer” and devoted fan of the staff in Shrewsbury. I have been given the utmost of professional therapy and exercise which has, in all cases, resulted in a much improved outcome.

The therapists, PT assistant, PT aides and secretary each go above and beyond in giving excellent treatment and services. I will miss everyone dearly and look forward to visiting when I go to world gym. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share these thoughts.

Jane P.

The experience of PT has been terrific. I have more range of motion than I ever expected. The staff is exceptional. The women are exceptional in motivational skills which help to work through the discomfort and all have a great sense of humor. I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC above all other places. My ability to function has increased 100%.

Rob K.

Before I started physical therapy, my knees were a mess. The staff completely changed my outlook on how a healthy individual could be. On my first day, I could barely squat with my knees and get back up. I thought guys over six feet tall were simply doomed to struggle with bad knees. However after seeing the transformation in how my knees feel after just a few months. I now understand how in control of my own health I am. The ultrasound, massage and electric stimulation made my knees feel brand new, and the effectiveness of the exercises was beyond what I imagined and its apparent simply in how the massages feel, no more knots in my muscles. What I gained the most, was information and education. I know how to take care of my knees so that I feel as confident in the strength of my joints now at age 24 as I will at age 54. I owe the people at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC a great deal of thanks for that.

Jeremy R.

Being active in sports and exercise, I never realized how important my knee was until I got injured. From before my surgery, after surgery, and up to now, the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC have helped me back to my original activity level. I tend to over do some activities, trying to rush my recovery. If it wasn’t for Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I probably would’ve further injured my knee, delaying my recovery time. Thank you for your help and supports!

Susan V.

I am really grateful for what you guys have done with my knee and my recovery. It has been a pleasure coming here everyday, keep up the good work.

Jumokie S.

When I started, I had trouble with my knees especially my right. I had trouble doing everyday activities and pain at night. After even only a few weeks, I was taught with exercise and therapy how to re-learn and make stronger, my somewhat worn knees.

The very professional and friendly staff helped me live an almost normal day and night with the help of learning exercises that targeted my weaker muscles and joints. Thank you.

Richard L.

I’d like to thank the staff at the Shrewsbury office for helping me back to my active lifestyle. I had knee surgery for a meniscus tear. Immediately after surgery the staff was able to show me stretches that helped me regain range of motion in my knee. We then progressed to unique strength and agility building movements that got me back out on the ice for hockey quicker than I had expected. The staff here in the Shrewsbury office are professional, competent and easy to work with. Thanks again!

Barry L.

I came to physical therapy after total knee replacement surgery using a walker and pain in the knee I had replaced. I use a cane, drive the car, and am able to walk further than before I started going to therapy. The therapists are wonderful people. They make therapy seem so easy and always encourage you. I looked forward to coming to therapy. I will miss them all. I cant forget Cindy who is always smiling and enjoyable. I thank all of you so very much.

Ann A.

I am writing to share my success with both my right knee rehab after surgery and left foot plantar fasciitis. The combination of therapy and instruction on what I had to do regularly, contributed to a very successful result. The knee rehab proceeded very quickly and uneventfully. But what really surprised me was the drastic improvement after suffering, almost continual pain, over 2 years with the plantar fasciitis. I am now pain free and 99% of the time. I have to commend the staff for their excellent care and professionalism. I recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC 100%!

Richard M.

I injured my knee in a fall. At first I didn’t seek medical attention. I was able to walk, when it wasn’t better after a month I went to my doctor. I was prescribed physical therapy. After attending two session per week at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, the knee was much better after two weeks. Now it is as good as new.

David S.

I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in November 2010 after being on crutches for 2.5 months for a knee injury. I was unable to put any weight on my leg and I was constantly in pain. After 2 months of physical therapy, I am now pain free and walking without the help of crutches. The people at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC worked with me to expedite my initial evaluation and begin promptly. I especially enjoyed going to physical therapy in the YMCA pool weekly, that made my sessions more pleasant and productive while I was still in pain. One of the most important things that helped me during physical therapy was the encouragement I received from my therapists. She and the entire staff made my visits more enjoyable. Finally, Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was more than accommodating scheduling appointments that fit my busy schedule.

Gregory C.

Before coming to PT I was in a great deal of pain. I was not sleeping good because of the pain. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand without a cane. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I can sleep, walk, and stand pain free. I am getting back into my normal routine, no cane needed. Thank you.

Sue R.

I wish to thank all the staff of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. They were very convincing in getting me back to recovery after having my second knee replacement. My range of motion is much improved from my first visit. I would highly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to my friends and family.

Dolores H.

I found my treatment at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to be thoroughly professional and competent and would recommend for anyone needing PT.


I really enjoyed being a patient at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. The staff are great. They helped my knee get a lot better and I was able to perform my daily work and allowed me to continue with my job with less pain. Thank you guys so much. I wouldn’t have done it without you guys.

Jumoke S.

The therapists that I worked with were amazing; my injury was initially misdiagnosed and they caught on to the therapy not working very quickly. Whatever my day to day symptoms were, they altered the regime to match.

Michelle D.

I am grateful to all of you in therapy for getting me back to normal. I feel 100% improved as I’m able to walk better and further than before. I’ve accomplished a lot after being in therapy. Thank you again!

Barbara P.

I feel that PT is helping me get back to where I was before my injury and returning to work. The staff treats the person, not the injury.

Mark D.

Knee and hip pain made all movement very uncomfortable, preventing my enjoyment of hobbies, exercise and seriously limiting most activities of daily living. As a patient of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I experienced therapeutic massage and treatments to relieve pain and exercises to build strength and stamina.

Staff provided education and encouragement in a professional and caring manner. Pain relief and condition improvement was noticeable within the first few visits. I am pain free and able to return to my normal activity. Thank you!

Betty S.

Came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC with sharp pain in knee thinking I had some major nerve or structural damage. I was quickly taught the importance of stretching and strength building, while learning that muscle tightness was causing the pain. In a very short time the pain completely dissipated. I also learned a lot about my anatomy that allowed me to better understand why the problem was occurring and how to avoid it in the future. The Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC team did a great job of rehabbing me and I’m back to playing sports.

Michael B.

On September 8, 2010 I had meniscal surgery and was referred by my orthopedic to visit this facility for rehabilitation. I was unable to bend my knee, go up the stairs, and do various physical activities. Today, with the help of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I am able to regain my normal form. I can now do things I couldn’t do after my surgery. I feel so much better and I’m so excited to start playing soccer again. This facility truly made me believe that a downfall of man is not the end of his life. Thanks for all your help!

Julius K.

When coming in to physical therapy for my knee I was unable to walk up or down stairs without extreme pain and could not even cross the street. Over the past 3 months I have slowly and steadily improved. No one likes PT, but the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury make it not only bearable, but almost enjoyable. They are professional and express real concern around my injury and commitment to my progress. I am happy to say my injuries have healed and I can now run up and down stairs and sprint across the street. Success!

David S.

The workers at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC were very helpful and friendly. My knees works a lot better than it did 4 weeks ago. I will continue to do my exercises and home to continue the healing process.

Janet W.

Before physical therapy, I could not walk 10 feet, I could not walk up a flight of stairs. My pain level was a constant 7-10. Things that were done during therapy that helped me were the professional kind staff who let me work at my own pace by were constantly showing me how to stretch at home and work out at home to reduce pain.

My experience while at physical therapy was the staff showed they really cared about patients well being outside of the office. While in physical therapy my father passed away and my grandson was born, the staff showed they cared. This I shared with family, friends, and coworkers. I recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to everyone.

Everything that Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC offered from the first time I walked in to now completing therapy was great. Don’t change a thing! Kind, professional staff who listen to patients, make patients want to return or refer friends. I limped into this branch, and now I can physically run home. Thank you to all staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

Larry W.

My experience at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was very successful. Throughout my visits Alicia was very patient, thorough, and pleasant. I would come back again when needed. All staff at the Shrewsbury therapy in awesome. Thank you!

Pat W.

The girls here at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC have been great. They do a great job and explain things that one may not know. It’s definitely a friendly atmosphere and I have never felt uncomfortable here. I feel that I have improved considerably with their help. The rest of my healing has to be done on its own, letting nature take its course. They are also very prompt, never making one wait to be seen. I have enjoyed my visits here and thank you.

Laurie T.

The care I received from all of the staff at the Shrewsbury branch of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was wonderful. The aquatic therapy I did with Kristina got me off to a great start in my therapy journey. With her help I was able to do so much more in the clinic. Joe was able to push me and give me the confidence to do more than I thought I would or could.

Katie B.

My condition improved considerably due to the expertise and dedicated staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

Barbara C.

The two Physical Therapists were very helpful in telling me what exercises to do. They explained each exercise in detail and showed me how to do them. They added a few exercises that will be very helpful in getting that leg straight. People think physical therapy can be painful. These two girls made it painless so that I enjoyed coming for the therapy. I thank them for that.

John S.

At 75 years old it might seem strange that this is the first encounter with a therapy group. After having a total knee replacement at New England Baptist I was told of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC from a VNA therapist. When I first started my therapy, I was in pretty rough shape, anemic and suffering from a bacteria infection. I would neither walk for a block or go up or down stairs. Thanks to the efforts and talent of the folks at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I can perform at least 65% of my past acitivites: walking, stairs. etc, are no longer a problem. Surgery was 65 days ago. Thank you to all.

Doug R.

I would like tot hank the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for all the help they provided me with my leg pain. Alicia gives the best massages. Also she set up great exercises that have helped my muscles in my calves. I feel like I have more flexibility in my legs since coming here. Thank you again.

Joan M.

I am a 24 year old dancer who had ongoing knee pain that became progressively worse through dancing and exercising. I had constant daily pain. I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and worked on strengthening my knee and leg muscles. After 2 months I feel very comfortable dancing and exercising a few times per week with little or no pain.

Katelyn N.

Well, I will say I was a little skeptical how physical therapy was going to help me- help me improve strength in my leg. In my thinking, I was just going to do lots of walking and stairs. the girls at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC showed me more strength building exercises to get me building better muscle tone in the leg I injured. Thank you, I feel so much better and will continue with all my exercises. All the girls are all friendly and personable. Very enjoyable experience, thank you all and I will miss you.

Connie P.

I am a 58 year old male. I had arthroscopic surgery to correct a medial meniscus tear (left knee) surgery September 26, 2011. The first week following surgery was spent icing and elevating to relieve swelling. I began PT on 9/30/11. I was walking with a cane. I couldn’t put weight on the left leg at all. I had major trouble putting my shoes on and getting in and out of my truck. I had difficulty putting my pants on and stairs were really tough- especially descending. Over the course of 4 weeks of 3 sessions/week, I gradually reclaimed all of the normal functions of my left leg. Tarah, Deb, and Alicia all contributed to rehabilitating my knee. From manipulation of the patella and massage of the scar tissue to the gradual stretches and strengthening exercises for the quads/calves/knee joint as well as the integration of the exercises to strengthen my core. The folks at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC have gotten me back to normal functioning as of this writing on 10/28/11, 1 month and 11 sessions later. The first session was strictly evaluation of my starting condition. I will return to work 3 days from this writing. I do fairly demanding physical work and I have no fear that I wont be able to perform. This was absolutely worth while and I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone.

Dan D.

I would like to thank the staff in Shrewsbury for their help in getting me back on the road to recovery. I came here after a fall where I injured my right knee and leg. It slowly got worse where I could not walk. I have to walk with a walker. I now can walk with my cane again and short distances with no cane or walker. Alicia, Tarah, and Deb have been wonderful and caring in their treatment. I am glad that my treatments are over. Cindy has been great scheduling my appointments and answering all my questions regarding insurance. I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to my friends.

Nicholas B.

I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I received from Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury. Each visit was comprehensive and personal and all the therapists were very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They always took the time to explain and demonstrate each exercise and procedure and answered my questions. Even scheduling appointments and dealing with the insurance was hassle free thanks to Cindy. From the beginning of my physical therapy to the end, my knee pain has noticeably diminished while my mobility and strength has significantly increased. I’m sure that this is a direct result of my therapy. The exercise sheets that were given to me for home were easy to follow and had good details. This experience has been very beneficial and I would recommended Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone in need of therapy. My visits will be sorely missed as well as all the staff (and the massages)!

Denyse S.

I am writing to express my thanks to the staff of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I have no idea what I did to injure my knee but it was quite swollen and unhappy. They designed a program of exercises and manual therapy for my knee. While it is not 100% yet, it no longer swells up like a balloon. I will definitely continue the exercises at home. From my first visit to the last, the staff were always friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend the therapists and staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone.

Carolyn T.

Before I had physical therapy, I could only walk a very short distance. Now since therapy, I can walk a lot easier with less pain. I was a little doubtful that therapy would work, but in my eyes it has worked very well for me. I had some sessions in the pool and enjoyed it very much. My experience with Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC has been very pleasant and I can walk on my leg a bit longer with less pain that I could before.

Susan B.

Being a dancer means being prone to injury. After knee surgery and 6 weeks locked in a leg brace, Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC helped me bounce back in no time. Thanks to the staff, I am now able to dance again without any pain. Their expertise and one-on-one care is just what I needed to recover. I’m so thankful that I was able to come here and work with everyone. Thank you to everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for your amazing work.

Kelsey F.

I was unable to walk without using a brace and cane; naturally driving was non existent. Pain level was high. The excellent attitude of the staff made therapy bearable. It was a good experience for me and now I am able to walk unaided as well as drive. The cheerful staff helped me get better and “enjoy” the physical therapy more. I would highly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for people who need their services.

Francis H.

Before physical therapy I had a lot of pain from a patella tracking problem, which interfered with exercise, routine chores, and even going up and down stairs. I went to see an orthopedist thinking, expecting that I needed (another) surgical intervention. Instead the orthopedist recommended physical therapy. I was dubious that this would provide much relief, but I agreed to give it a try. At Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I learned a series of stretching, and strengthening exercises and also that some exercises I had been doing at my local gym were actually exacerbating my knee problem. Within a few weeks of starting regular stretching exercises, together with a new gym routine, I noted a lot less pain in routine activities. Three months later, I am completely pain free, and I am able to rely confidently on my knee for strenuous biking and skiing activities. Throughout my therapy I found the personnel at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful in addressing my questions and concerns. I highly recommend them!


When I first came to physical therapy, my knees hurt so much that it prevented me from doing some of my daily exercises. For a 14 year old, I thought it was something bad since I had no idea how my knees started to hurt. But a therapist helped me twice a week. Slowly and slowly I could do things without having pain in my knees; such as running a mile. I want to thank Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for helping me. The staff is amazing and friendly. I recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for future injured people. I am truly grateful. I think the exercises helped me the most.

Natalia K.

This was my second encounter with Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. My right hip was replaced in January 2011 and my recovery and general well being after this surgery was facilitated by the expertise of the Greendale physical therapists and the positive energy of their receptionists, Cindy and Josh, so I came back again when I tore the tendon off my left knee in August. Once again, I felt in very capable hands as the staff at Greendale helped me regain strength and flexibility in my knee.

Joe F.

In June 2011, after total knee replacement, I hobbled into Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC with crutches. My surgeon had prescribed a rigorous regime. After Jon Dooley’s initial evaluation, I was assigned to Joe Magdis. Admittedly, I was in tears from the surgical pain and swelling but Joe was patient and Kind. Every day I was in physical therapy, he encouraged me to “work” the knee, keep up the exercises at home. After 8 weeks, I was back again with my second (scheduled) knee replacement. This time I requested to return to Greendale for PT for therapy immediately, just 4 days after being home from the hospital.

Joe is a powerhouse of knowledge of the body. I was insecure walking with 2 new knees. I was unsure about becoming “normal” again but he worked my gait, my posture, and taught me about muscle structure. He increased my knee flexion every week, my hip abductors, the piriformis, quad and glute muscles. Joe has the gift of healing.

At one low point during my therapy, he asked me, “ what do you love to do?”, emphasis on the present. With those optimistic words, he constantly coaxed me to push my exercises a little harder until I felt a change or relief. Now I am back to a normal routine: walking, gardening, and dancing.

My last day of PT was December 14th. I had been with Greendale for 6 months. Joe sat with me and asked, “don’t forget you owe me a photo on the ski slope in your instructor jacket!” thank you Joe, and thanks to Nicolette, Geo, Jon, and Scott for positive feedback and tips on getting stronger. I will ski again thanks to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

Dawn M.

My name is Kendra McIntyre, I came to PT back in September 2011. I came to PT due to a military injury. I’m currently serving in the military now and while on duty I injured my right knee. While at PT the staff has been helping me regain strength and stability. I’ve worked in the pool and that is what has been helping the most. If I need PT again, I will definitely be back here! Thank you everyone for your help.

Kendra M.

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is great. My 13 year old son, Dan, injured his knee at the beginning of 8th grade and was very upset to be missing PE, as well as cross country track. The therapists helped him get back on his feet and stressed the importance of stretching prior to exercising. He was able to join the cross country team mid season. Unfortunately Danny hit a pothole and reinjured his knee and landed back at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC where they once again took excellent care of him.

The second time around was more important than ever, he needed to be ready for basketball season. The fold working with Danny to include treatments and exercises that would strengthen his knees for the upcoming tryouts. Danny is enjoying 8th grade and is currently on two basketball teams and runs 3 miles several times a week. Thanks Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC!

Peggy P. (Dan’s Mom)

I’ve had an amazing improvement with my knee and ankle during dance, thanks to this therapy! I don’t think that I would have improved if I didn’t do at least a few of my exercises from therapy, every day at home. I was always challenged, but I worked hard because I knew that the exercises would get harder as I improve. This would mean that each time I get a harder exercise, my therapists see me improving which overall is the goal that you want as an outcome of going to physical therapy. I trusted that my therapist knows what is best for me and I never argued. That is how I was successful in improving my problems with physical therapy!

Edden N.

About a year ago, returning from a trip to Europe, my back became increasingly painful, to the point that I wasn’t able to function properly. After a visit to my PCP and a set of tests and x-rays revealing a minor scoliosis, he recommended physical therapy.

I can not express enough gratitude to the entire team at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury. After an initial thorough evaluation I was put to a customized regiment of stretches, exercises, massage, and electrical therapy to strengthen my core and relax the muscles. In no time the pain decreased and I regained entirely my mobility. As my back was recuperating I exhibited discomfort on my left knee; although the two didn’t seem to be connected, they evaluated the knee and customized a different protocol to address this problem. Three months later I am completely recuperated.

I was totally impressed with the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury. From the very first day I walked in they welcomed me and rapidly developed an empathetic relationship with me, making me feel comfortable and at ease. They are a small group of dedicated highly qualified professionals who really care for their patients. The personalized attention given to every single patient, who is not just a name but a real person with real problems, makes the team at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC in Shrewsbury absolutely unique.

I highly recommend the team at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to everyone who seeks a quality, personalized care with successful results.

Ada C.

From the time that I started the physical therapy I was unable to do much, in time and a few sessions I got to me more mobile. I continue to be on time at every session to achieve the goal. I am very happy to have attended the therapy that was required and that I am better. Thank you to all the staff for your help.

Fransesco V.

Thank you all, my right knee replacement was a success with all your help. I am much stronger now and in no pain. You have all been very professional and have made my visits enjoyable. Thanks for all the hard work.

Joe M.

Before physical therapy, I would cringe going up and down the stairs. I would have to hold onto the railings for support. If I danced, my knees would swell and get so sore. The staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC are like a family. They are very supportive and always ask how you are feeling with pain, making sure the exercises you are doing feel fine. They went over a lot of different exercises so it is not boring. My knees feel a lot better since going. I am able to go up and down stairs with little pain and I can dance without my knees swelling. I enjoyed Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC because they were personable, fun and attentive.

Cheryl F.

The curling season has started up again, mid October, and I increased my usual play time from four to six hours weekly (having not played since April). I continued weekend hiking as I always do- five miles or so per trip. One weekend I tripped and feel hard, but got up and finished the hike. A few days later I noticed some stiffness in my left knee if I sat too long. This progressed over the next week to interfere with going down stairs or doing any weight bearing activity that included a bent left knee (this is the curling delivery position). I could walk on flat surfaces without concern, but otherwise, had pain and lack of function.

This was diagnosed as “acute onset left knee pain, likely pre-patella bursitis”. Physical therapy was advised. Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC could schedule an intake appointment within a day or two-whereas others in the area had a longer wait. Because of their availability I scheduled with Greendale PT, and have been delighted ever since.

A few weeks into the physical therapy on my left knee, I mentioned to my referring physician that I had lost range of motion in my left shoulder over the past year, I’m a side sleeper. Rest had not helped in. I felt pain if I extended my arm horizontally. I could no longer reach over my head, reach hooks, buttons or zippers behind my back. There had been no injury that I recalled…would he prescribe physical therapy for this as well? He did and GPT staff incorporated this work into my sessions. We alternated knee with shoulder appointments through the end of December, and finished with eight weekly shoulder appointments. At this time, I have full range of motion without discomfort in my shoulders/arms and knees/legs. Now, I just need to build up strength and endurance.

Appointments are lengthy: the results are well worth it. I left appointments feeling that the affected body parts had been well exercised, massaged, and stretched—with little energy to do much else with that body part for the day. With home exercises and appointments, function and strength returned steadily. Throughout, staff coached and taught with an upbeat and positive attitude. thank you Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC staff. Your work is remarkably different from others’.


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