Manage Your Own Practice

In today’s economic climate, more physical therapists are choosing to team up with an existing practice to improve their chances of success and profitability.  By joining the Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC team, you’ll quickly become part of an established practice with a business infrastructure and model in place. Most importantly, Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC handles much of the administrative load, which allows you to concentrate on your practice and making it as profitable as possible.

About Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was started from scratch more than 10 years ago. Our goal was simple and honest: provide a high level of service to both our patients and our team. We have succeeded – and even exceeded – in meeting many of our initial expectations. Along the way, we have learned from our mistakes (some of which cost the company money) and worked through the growing pains that come with expanding a business. Now, we have systems and processes in place that have helped us grow – and we’d love to help fellow physical therapists put our experience to work for them in opening and growing their own business.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to our practice managers and our three primary goals: quality patient care, profitability, and quality of life for our therapists.

Our Team

When you join Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC you are not going it alone. You’ll have our management team by your side, as well as a team of physical therapists and others who are ready to assist you as you begin and grow your own Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC practice.

Our Programs and Processes

When you join Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC as a practice manager, you will have full access to our established training programs, marketing programs, staff incentive structures, as well as the processes we have put in place that have made us successful.

Our Model

We have refined our model over the past ten years or so. Today, we operate under a “hybrid model” in that we team up with therapists who wish to practice on their own.  Because we are physical therapists first, we understand the need for independence and professional autonomy; in fact, we encourage it.  We do, however, have certain successful procedures, processes, and standards that have been tested over the years, and we require our partners to adhere to them.  Our ideal candidate is someone who wishes to practice full-time in a single-therapist site or in multi-site practices with multiple therapists.

Tempered Growth

We don’t want to be the biggest – we want to be the best. That’s why we won’t accept just anyone on our team; we are looking to grow over the long term with committed professionals.  It’s been said that the easiest thing is to grow, but the hardest thing is to grow well – we are looking to grow well.

Continual Improvement

We are not complacent. We continually look for ways to improve our services, our training programs, and our profitability for our practice managers. We strive for the best possible experience for our patients and our practice managers. When you join Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, you’ll reap the benefits from our philosophy of continual improvement.

Want More Information?

We are happy to share more information with qualified and interested candidates, and to discuss how joining Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC as a practice manager works. Managing a practice is not for everyone and we interview and screen all potential applicants to make sure they are a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for them. If you are seriously considering a future in private practice, please contact us.