Full Circle Program

A kinder, gentler approach to fitness, brought to you by licensed physical therapists.

If you want a fully trained physical therapist at your side to help you meet your fitness goals, if you want the results of your physical therapy to last, if you want a no-nonsense, no-frills, supportive environment with a focus on long-term health versus short-term spurts, then Full Circle Wellness + Fitness is for you.

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A New Concept in Wellness + Fitness

We offer a host of small group fitness and wellness classes that respect your individual abilities and support your health goals. Most of our staff are trained physical therapists, and we take the time to consider what you and your body need – and what you don’t need – to succeed in a fitness program and stay healthy. Our semi-private training offers many of the benefits of a full-time trainer – at a much lower cost.

Fitness For the Mature Set

Baby boomers long ago graduated past the youth culture that’s so prevalent at other gyms. At Full Circle Wellness + Fitness, we focus on the quality of your fitness regimen – not on how much weight you can lift. And along the way, we keep our eyes – and yours! – on the central lessons about fitness – lessons about form, core strength, and injury prevention.  And we do it all in a non-judgmental environment.

Wellness to Keep You Strong After Physical Therapy

Full Circle Wellness + Fitness knows physical therapy, because the majority of our trainers are physical therapists! In fact, Full Circle was specifically developed by Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for our clients who want to stay healthy and fit long after they complete their rehabilitation programs. Wouldn’t you like to have a physical therapist on your side during your post-rehabilitative fitness program?

What Sets Us Apart v

  1. The majority of our trainers are licensed physical therapists. We like to say they are “experts in exercise,” college educated in anatomy and physiology. Most have masters and doctorate degrees and still work in a rehabilitative practice.
  2. Our clients seek out like-minded baby boomers for company.  They’re wise enough to take care of their bodies rather than abuse it with the latest fitness fad.

We’re passionate about post-rehabilitation fitness. We work with clients who have recently completed physical therapy so they can continue their journey back to a healthy and active lifestyle. Full Circle classes help them keep the gains they have made… and progress even further with their health and fitness goals.

A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Fitness

Our exclusive programs serve two groups of people who are under-served in most health clubs and fitness centers:

  • Baby boomers with a dedicated desire to take care of their bodies and stay healthy for a long time.
  • Post-rehabilitation clients who are finishing a physical therapy program and want to develop or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle … and progress further with their health and fitness goals.

Keeping the Body Healthy

Our philosophy embraces “rehabilitative training” – training to keep the body healthy. Our programs focus on overall wellness, staying in shape, reducing your risk of injury, and aging gracefully. We won’t ask you to pound the treadmill, push yourself until you’re gasping for air, or lift weights “beyond your threshold.” Our approach to fitness is kinder and gentler than that, and crafted for the mature adult seeking the smarter, more sensible road to long-term health.

You’ve probably seen all the fitness crazes, and you probably want something different … something better. Well, you found it. Best of all, we limit all our class sizes to just 8 people! So you’ll get the attention you deserve.

Our Small Group Exercise Classes

no more than eight participants per class

  • Total Body Strength Training
  • TRX Training
  • Fusion Group Training
  • Youth Sports Strength and Conditioning
  • STOTT Pilates™
  • Posture and Balance group
  • Post Rehabilitation Training
  • Weight Management Education and Exercise
  • Back School

Class Descriptions
Program Options + Pricing
Frequently Asked Questions