Full Circle Class Descriptions

Total Body Strength Training

Develop strength with lower body, upper body, and full body strengthening exercises.

TRX Training

Use a simple TRX machine and your bodyweight for a variety of exercises.

Fusion Group Training

A healthy blend of cardio and weight training.

STOTT Pilates™

Condition your body with hundreds of therapeutic exercises that can help restore ideal posture and spinal alignment.

Balance Class

Let’s face it – we aren’t as sure footed as we used to be, especially on uneven surfaces. These exercises will help.

Posture Class

Feel like you’re shrinking?  Posture can worsen as we age, creating pain and dysfunction. This class is specifically designed to help improve your posture and your function.

Post Rehabilitation Training

A special class for those who’ve just completed a rehabilitation program. This training is designed to help you transition into a regular program and minimize regression.

Weight Management Education and Exercise

A combination of education and exercise focused on weight management.

Back School

If you are just finishing back rehabilitation or if you have had a longstanding, low-grade back problem, this combination education and exercise class will be a good fit for you.

Osteoporosis Exercise Class

A class specifically made for women and and men geared towards strengthening muscles to help with bone density and functional exercises to prevent falls