Group + Individual Training

Can consist of a number of different exercises, it typically consists of groups of 2-6 people.  Group training helps to keep costs down and provides added social stimulation and motivation to your workout.

Some examples of activities we perform in a group setting are:

  • Sports Specific
  • Circuit Training
  • TRX Training
  • Pilates Group Training
  • Traditional Workout  Training
  • Back Crew (Back School and Rehabilitation Program)

Individual Training

For people who have finished their physical therapy program and wish to continue with maintenance exercises  one a one to one basis with a trainer.  This option is also available for those who are interested in receiving one on one attention for their training.  Clients get to work with the trainer of their choice on a one to one basis. Ideal for:

  • Exercise prescription and program implementation immediately post  rehabilitation
  • Assist with the complete integration into The Green 44 Circuit System
  • People that need special attention  to an exercise because of a chronic injury or condition